Eating From England: A Look At Cailler Chocolate with Honey Nougat!

Hello guys and girls!

Today we’re off to Switzerland with Eating From England!

I was browsing the confectionery aisle the other day and I spotted a rather interesting looking chocolate bar I hadn’t seen before.

Cailler Rayon Chocolate with honey Nougat

Chocolate with honey!
Surely the combination would work really well but I hadn’t tried it myself.
In fact it kind of makes me wonder why giants like Cadbury’s and the like didn’t try this pairing before they tried Marmite and chocolate, Ritz biscuit and chocolate, cream cheese and chocolate and other such pukestrosities.

Anyway, I have never heard of the brand before, Cailler of Switzerland but the Swiss are known for their great chocolate and the package lets me know they have been going since 1819 so it’s purely my fault for never hearing of them.
On a completely unrelated note, how blooming gorgeous is that package?! Very I say, very.

Anyway, I am really intrigued to see if there is actually any real honey in here or if it’s some weird chemical concoction of honey “flavouring” or something.

Cailler Rayon Chocolate with honey Nougat Ingredients

4 languages of ingredients down and there we are, English!

Wow, now that is a change, the first ingredient is sweetened condensed whole milk! Sugar, Cocoa butter, cocoa, honey 3.4%, well, it’s only 3.4% but it’s in there, real honey! Woah!

There’s also butterfat, glucose syrup, emulsifier, egg white powder and vanilla extract.

Well, considering it’s an evil bar of death (all chocolate is of course) the ingredients aren’t too bad.
Not stuffed to bursting with chemicals which is a sad thing to be shocked by really.

So, lets have a look at the bar itself, maybe the horror starts there.

Cailler Rayon Chocolate with honey Nougat N

The bar is 100g and comes in 16 big chunky pieces, or it could be 14 or even 12 pieces, it’s so hard to count when it’s already in your mouth………..which of course I am completely innocent of….

It has a bit of speckling throughout, oooooooo, it could be that honey!
No horror yet….suspicious!

Cailler Rayon Chocolate with honey Nougat P

Inside, the flecks are indeed tiny pieces of hard honey nougat, spread throughout and the whole bar is slightly aerated, not as much as a Wispa or an Aero but there are some nice little air bubbles inside.

Lets have a taste!


It’s got a really lovely sweetness to it, which could be the honey, even before you bite into one of those miniature hard pieces of nougat.
It’s so smooth and the air bubbles have made it feel so light it takes it to an even more delicious realm.

I think this has got to be the nicest chocolate I’ve had in a long long time.
Cadbury’s used to be my favourite but they just don’t taste the same any more after being taken over quite a few years back so it’s getting harder to find chocolate that really does taste good.

This stuff, it’s pretty Heavenly.
It makes me wonder why I haven’t seen it around before in this chocolate loving country!
My new go to chocolate brand!
No horror involved, very strange for a Eating In England segment.

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5 thoughts on “Eating From England: A Look At Cailler Chocolate with Honey Nougat!

  1. “pukestrosities” a new word for my vocabulary! But this chocolate and honey bar does sound good.


    • Hehe I did hesitate at putting the word “puke” into a food post at all but it accurately describes Cadbury’s latest concoctions too well! The chocolate really was good! Do try one if you see one.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I did a quick online check and hoping that I can find them here in the states.

        Got a good laugh from the new word.


      • Good luck! They are by the Nestle brand who I think distributes all over the world and if not they do have their own shop though no idea if delivery is worldwide.
        Hehe, I’ll pretend I didn’t get happy knowing I made someone laugh ;).

        Liked by 1 person

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