Zak! Star Wars Stormtrooper Bento Lunch Box with Elastic Belt Review!

Hi there everyone!

I was hoping to get a bento AND a new box in today but as is the nature of depression I am lucky to get anything out at all.

So today I want to show you the new box I picked up yesterday.
Right now is a great time to find lunch boxes in the sale as the kids are back off to school or indeed starting in a new school, the horror!

I saw this one whilst it wasn’t in the sale and was considering it then.
Though there was only £1 or so off in the sale, it was enough for the hubby to grab it for me as a treat!

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bento Box Zak

It is just my style with a touch of geek and a little bit of class thrown in too.
It doesn’t look like a box that is made just for kids, the sleek black box look with its rounded corners are just enough for an adult to get away with it, if you don’t mind people knowing what you’re into that is.
I do like a bit of Star Wars myself and have a collection of Star Wars stuff so yes, I am the kind of adult that would do lunch with this beauty.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bento Box Zak Detail

The design on the box its self is pretty subdued.
Not too much in the way of funky colours or overly exciting action posed cartoons bursting out at you but I think that gives it’s own charm, whether it would be a bit too boring to appeal to some young ‘uns I’m not sure but there is plenty of room for stickers and the like if they are the creative sort!
As for us adults that of course hate fun things like stickers that spread love and joy because we are sensible sensible creatures that have never and will never have fun ever, we need not consider these factors.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bento Box Zak Band

The manic striped elastic belt can be removed from it’s job of holding the box together and reveals a deep groove where the belt goes in to stop any slipping and sliding that could cause lunch to end up in the bottom of your bag.
Speaking of the elastic band, I do wish it was a different colour.
Maybe it’s just me seeing it but it looks like they just picked a belt that best suited out of whatever they already had.
A completely black one, a dark red one or even one with the Star Wars brand on it would have given it a little extra, to me it has a “it will do as a replacement because I broke the original” kind of feel.
It doesn’t quite go.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bento Box Zak Detail inside

Inside it is a pretty generic box but I do like the design which seems half bento box and half lunch box in the Western sense.

It doesn’t have an air tight seal anywhere so it won’t be suitable for taking around hot liquids, more for sandwiches, carrot sticks and snacks or rice, meat and vegetables for example.

It also doesn’t have any directions on how to wash it so it’s hand wash all the way until someone is brave enough to stick it in the dishwasher and see what emerges, whether that be a clean box or warped plastic only fit to be modern art.

All in all I really like this design.
It’s not quite a bento box but not quite a lunch box, it’s not quite an adults box but it’s not quite a kids box either which means it can fit into many different uses and work for you however you decide!
Hell if you didn’t like Star Wars you might even be able to scratch off the design and have yourself an uber smart and professional looking box.

It’s a bit of a bummer that it isn’t airtight but this is taking a lot of cues from the Japanese style boxes that use just an elastic belt to keep them together so in that respect they are equal.

I do wish instructions were included on how to wash this but other than that, a great use of a few pounds, I will be happy to use it in the future!

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