Eating In England: A look At E.Wedel Crème Brûlée & Brownie Chocolate Bars!

Hey there!

Today is another eating in England segment and this time around I want to share with you some really weird chocolate bars I found from Poland.

Thankfully it’s not fried liver in chocolate or snail purée in chocolate, we are still in the realms of sweet here which is a small mercy. I would say “anything with sugar in it can’t be all that bad” but considering most of the vile concoctions I have tried had sugar as the first ingredient, I know better.

E.Wedel Creme Brulee Chocolate

Crème Brûlée flavour chocolate!

The combination here sounds sane enough, chocolate with Crème Brûlée, but how would they get Crème Brûlée inside or if not, does it even resemble Crème Brûlée?

E.Wedel Creme Brulee Chocolate Ingredients

Yum yum yum, most of the ingredients do sound like a slow death but hey, we get to eat chocolate so never-ye-mind.

It doesn’t seem to have any egg in it so as unlikely as it was anyway, it seems there isn’t going to be any real Crème Brûlée in this, shocking I know.

Lets open it up.

E.Wedel Creme Brulee Chocolate Open

Ooooo, so pretty.
It has little “E”‘s moulded in to stand for E. Wedel, the brand of this chocolate… or it could be “E” for eat, who knows.

Let’s bite this baby.

E.Wedel Creme Brulee Chocolate Open Inside

Hmmmm, well it’s not Crème Brûlée but it’s quite good and you can tell they have tried to put all the elements of Crème Brûlée into it.

Inside is caramel, a kind of creamy nougat-ty stuff thingy and a few crispy caramel pieces.
They all go together well and each part seems to symbolises a part of Crème Brûlée I suppose, the crunchy top, the caramel and to a lesser extent the actual Crème.
If the Crème was more of a cooked custard sort of consistency it might be weirdly accurate but I can’t imagine it being all that pleasant, best to go with the soft nougat-ty stuff.

Without caring about Crème Brûlée accuracy it is quite nice indeed though it is rather sickly so you don’t really want to eat more than a couple of pieces at a time.
The chocolate surrounding the middle is quite good too, it doesn’t taste like some of the really cheap muck that is sold as chocolate.

I have a feeling if they sold this here they would throw some more chocolate into the middle and call it cookie dough or cookies and cream just because that would interest us more, not that it resembles that but that’s how marketing goes.

So all in all it’s actually nice, my favourite part being the little crispy parts, though it is sickly.

Unfortunately if I thought that was sickly I had yet to see much far ahead of me because….

E.Wedel Brownie Chocolate

………they also do a Brownie Chocolate bar!

I have to say, the brownie on the pack looks scrummy so you better not disappoint me now E.Wedel!
I want brownie satisfaction!

Lets skip past the ingredients on this one, I’m sure it’s just chocolate and death anyway. Very depressing indeed.
Can you imagine if there is actually a cake type bit in this one?
I know it’s a lot to hope for but we can try, we can try.

E.Wedel Brownie Chocolate Open

On the outside it’s much the same as the last one, though I have to point out just how huge both of these bars have been.
They come in at a whopping 290 grams or 10.2 ounces and they are giant. If you don’t feel safe walking down your street it is the ultimate in inconspicuous slap weapon.

Lets eat this weapon of mass slappitude.

E.Wedel Brownie Chocolate Open Inside

Oooooohhhhh, no cake-y bit in sight, I said it’s a lot to hope for and as usual my hopes are dashed, le sigh.

On the other hand……. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Really it’s just like a chocolate truffle.

Very nice but as with most things that are chocolate with chocolate inside it is very sickly, even more so than the Crème Brûlée flavour.

The truffle part does kind of have an under-baked liquid fudge-y brownie kind of quality to it so I can see where they were going but if someone gave it to me and asked me what flavour it was, I would have said chocolate truffle and would probably never have come up with Brownie flavour with unlimited guesses.
Then again, the same goes for the Crème Brûlée flavour.
Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked both of them but for being the flavour in question, not so much.
Really it’s the same with most artificial flavours or seasoning’s.
Most “chicken” flavoured stuff just tastes of onion but if they said onion flavour no-one would buy it because it sounds horrible.

The reality of chocolate truffle or caramel with crispy pieces and a creamy nougat don’t sound horrible but let us all admit, Crème Brûlée and Brownie sound a whole lot more intriguing!

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