Moby Pick: Picks With a Porpoise Novelty Pick Holder By Fred Review!

The post you are about to read is filled with terrible puns. If you have a weak pun tolerance or puns put you in either physical or mental pain through their terribleness, read with caution.

If puns make you want to jump out of the nearest window, please close all nearby windows and tie a rope around yourself, preferably tying it to something sturdy before reading.
Please do not operate heavy machinery while reading puns.

Most all of us have heard of Moby Dick.
If you haven’t, you’re only about 160 years late to the party. Don’t worry, that’s how late I would be if I was invited to a party too, ewwww fun!

Anyway, it is a story that was made up a really long time ago by some bloke right, and it had a man in it like, some other stuff right, and it also had a whale in it. It’s famous and everyfink.
That, I believe, is an English scholars description anyway.

In 160 years, you would think that Moby Dick jokes would be long gone but nope, they’re still here!

Introducing, Moby Pick!!

Moby Pick Picks With a Porpoise Novelty Pick Holder By Fred

“Moby Pick”……… “picks with a porpoise”

ArghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHhhhhhhhhhhhHHHhhhhhhhhh, the punnnnnnNNnnn, the punnnnNNNNNnnnnnn.

Yes, this is a whale that you put picks in.

Without the box, I wonder, would anyone come out with the same pun?
If it was free from the box of evil with it’s puns of cringe-worthy proportions, how many people would think of it?

If you can think of someone that would, I suggest you move, leaving no forwarding address for them to find you, 5000 miles away should do. Make sure you pick a place with limited phone connectivity just in case.

In all seriousness though, this is so cool!
Out of the box you get a pretty awesome ceramic whale, which is simply but nicely sculpted with a couple of fins, a tail, a little eye on either side and a mouth with an expression of dull and empty sadness, he has clearly heard too many puns to want to go on.

He doesn’t have any colour on him but I don’t think he needs any, it’s much more classy without it.

Moby Pick Picks With a Porpoise Novelty Pick Holder By Fred Full

The picks go into a little hole in his head to simulate water coming out of the whale’s blow hole, and yes that is the real name and not an insult.

In the picture the holder is shown with just a few of the picks in but I found you can fit all of the picks supplied with it which is a really nice touch.
It looks pretty cool too!

Moby Pick Picks With a Porpoise Novelty Pick Holder By Fred Picks

There are a few different kinds of pick with this guy, light blue with two streams of water, dark blue with two streams and light and dark with just one stream.
You can create a cool two stream with different colours effect or even go for three or four streams which is pretty fun, it wasn’t needed so I like the added detail.

Moby Pick Picks With a Porpoise Novelty Pick Holder By Fred Krill

Oh dear lord, the pun, it burns!
Krill me now!!
Sea what this is doing to me?!

All in all there are 32 picks, all reusable since they’re made of sturdy plastic. If you make bentos and have ever brought cute plastic picks for decorating, you’ll know what these are like. You could even use them in bentos if you wanted to.

Moby Pick Picks With a Porpoise Novelty Pick Holder By Fred Serving

The only thing that is slightly annoying about this whole set is that everything must be hand washed.
The picks I can understand as they’re only small and may be made of meltable plastic but the whale itself is a little disappointing as he seems to be made of the same thing plates and the like are.

All in all this is an adorable thing to have at the table, especially at a birthday party or celebration, it’s bound to get plenty of attention.
I wouldn’t use it in too big a party though since you’ll probably find a very small amount of picks finding their way back to the poor old whale.

If you can handle your friends and family possibly hating you for all eternity you could even give one as a gift, it would be great for the English student or a fan of the book.

So that’s mammall from me folks, have a whale of a time!

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