Gelert KFS Knife Fork Spoon & Bottle Opener Clip Cutlery Set Review!

Hey there guys,

today I wanted to show you this uber nice cutlery set.

I’ve actually had a set very similar for quite a while now that I had thought of showing you all but I saw this one and it was much better quality so I decided to pick it up to show you it instead.

Gelert KFS Knife Fork Spoon Bottle Opener Clip Set

This set is by the dudes at Gelert, a company that specialises in camping equipment.

Some camping equipment can be really handy for bento making or eating so it’s always worth a look in your local sport or camping shops just in case you can pick up an interesting portable gadget or two.

This time I found this interlocking knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener set.

Gelert KFS Knife Fork Spoon Bottle Opener Clip Set O

I am happy to report that this set comes with a case, yay.
It’s surprising how many times they are forgotten strangely.
It isn’t the most tough material in the world, though unexpectedly good for what it is, but it does have a decent push button to keep it closed and a belt loop.

The set locks together really simply with pegs on the spoon that the fork and knife get placed on to, then pushed upwards to lock them into place.
It’s a tight fit, once they are locked there’s not much chance of it coming apart unless you want it to.

Gelert KFS Knife Fork Spoon Bottle Opener Clip Set P

As I mentioned earlier, I had a lesser quality version of this set before and the bottle opener never really made sense since the quality of metal was the type that would bend under any pressure, with this set however, they are all made of stainless steel and are nice and thick for tougher use.

The shape of the spoon is kind of strange, quite long and not very deep.
The fork is much like a usual dinner fork and has long, useful tines which again is sometimes overlooked for a more safe rounded stubby and less effective design.

Gelert KFS Knife Fork Spoon Bottle Opener Clip Set C

The knife manages to be round at the very top and have no serration, quite a clever design that won’t cause any painful and unwelcome stabbings while in a clothes pocket.
It’s more of a butter knife though so if you’re thinking of cutting steak or other tough foods, you’re going to need a sharper knife.

All in all I think this is a great set.
It doesn’t go out there with innovation, new inventions or ideas but that’s a good thing in this case because generally, there is a reason old inventions have stayed around so long, because they work.

Being stainless steel it will last quite a while, hopefully a very long while, so for the price I paid, £1.99, it seems even better value than the plastic models I have reviewed at a similar price.
On their website I found it priced at £1.50 so even better value for you lucky buggers if you want them.

No frills but sturdy, durable, well designed and with a carry case. It ticks all the boxes for me, how about you?

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