Chicken Karaage & Potato Salad Bento Lunch Box!

Hello there!

Guess what time it is!
Tasty tasty lunch time!

For this lunch my hubby was foaming at the mouth to taste his favourite of all of my dishes, my chicken karaage!

If you haven’t tried it before, it is a type of Japanese fried chicken that is marinaded in some glorious Japanese seasoning’s for a while before being coated and deep fried.
We have had it in a couple of restaurants but he still insists mine is the best he’s had. Each one does do it differently!

To go with the golden fried chicken, I made some potato salad, a perfect accompaniment. It has shredded carrot, onion and cabbage in along with the mayonnaise and potato.

Chicken Karaage And Potato Salad Bento Box Lunch

Next, I hard boiled a couple of lovely free range eggs and left them to cool before adding them to the bento box.

For colour and health I added carrot cut into small and large flowers, using one flower to divide the eggs.

Chicken Karaage And Potato Salad Bento Box Lunch Ka

Last but not least, I added some black sesame seeds, not usually used here in the UK, but seen in Japanese cookery all the time. I only very recently tried them since I found them in my local supermarket with a reduction. It was very high on my list of “to try” but I hadn’t managed to order them online just yet!

I haven’t found them to be much different to white sesame seeds in flavour but I haven’t roasted them yet which I recommend you do with all sesame seeds, it brings out all their flavour and makes them to die for!

Chicken Karaage And Potato Salad Bento Box Lunch Cu

All in all it was a very delicious and balanced meal.
The hubby and I had one each and he was in food heaven.
It’s nice to make others happy when you cook, isn’t it?

What meal do you cook that gets the family in a drooling frenzy?
Let me know below!

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