£1 RSW Pink 2 Tier Bento Sandwich Lunch Box Review!

Heya boys and girls!

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend one and all.

For us it was a very busy and hectic one.
I may be one of a very rare breed of people that was actually looking forward to Monday!

Amongst the hustle and bustle though, I didn’t forget about ol’ Pepper Bento.
Even though I wasn’t free to cook something tasty up, I did manage to pick up this rather weird bento box at a pound shop.

Divert your eyes, for this is the colour of Barbies!!

RSW Pink 2 Tier Lunch Box

Behold the extra cheap lunch box!

At the front we have a super el cheapo clasp which holds on pretty sturdily it seems though it’s bound to be broken within a few uses sadly.
I guess this box would still be really nice with a Japanese style elastic belt around it which you may have to use when it falls apart.

RSW Pink 2 Tier Lunch Box Open

Inside we have an area for a sandwich which may have been a good size, apart from the fact there is a large hole for you to lift up to get to the next tier, interrupting good sizing completely.
Maybe this isn’t too bad if you’re a crust hater, your sandwich may just fit in with them removed but for the rest of us, we are going to have to take a bite out of our poor old sarnie before we put it in here.
This may actually be a good thing depending on how hungry and unscrupulous your co-workers or other nearby lunch fiends may be.

RSW Pink 2 Tier Lunch Box Tier 1

Down in tier two, I’m not too sure what to say.

First we have a divider down the middle, very handy, though I do wish they hadn’t tried to save plastic and not had the divider come down in the middle, making it less divided.

RSW Pink 2 Tier Lunch Box Tier 2

Then we have…..the other section….

It looks like a nice place to put in some cutlery until you realise no cutlery would fit there.
Maybe you could put a napkin in there?
If you’re lucky, maybe you could get one of those disposable fold up forks that would fit?

Again, they have saved plastic and the divider is quite low any way so I’m not sure it would be all that effective!

Myself, I would have thought it would have been a better idea to take the plastic used for that section and instead make the two sections with a bit of a higher divide in-between.

Maybe there was a cutlery set that would fit in that section on a less budget version?
It’s a mystery.

I was quite surprised to learn this can be dishwashed.
This box may be a little on the strange side, but at least it’s convenient!

What really disappointed me on this though, is the bane of quite a few lesser designed, and in this case made, lunch boxes.


RSW Pink 2 Tier Lunch Box Hinges

….or lack of hinges!

This is the result after opening this box once.
The white marks are the plastic hanging on for dear life and I’m afraid on opening it a second time, the lid will be in one hand and the rest of the box in the other.
As mentioned with the similarly flimsy front clip, it could still be used with a strap around it when the hinges go, but even at £1 it’s a very big flaw which shouldn’t really exist at this magnitude.

All in all it is quite compact and could come in very handy.
It has very strange wavy lines embossed into it which I haven’t seen before, they may result in quite pretty sandwiches indeed.

It can be dishwashed which is a good point but it falls flat in durability which is sad since it is a pretty neat design if not for a couple of perplexing decisions.

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