Japanese Panda Forest Bento Lunch Box Meal!

Hey there everyone!

I was feeling a bit inspired by a new cook book I had my nose buried in all night so I decided to get to work on a bento this morning with a sort-of-kind-of-maybe idea in my head of what to do.

What resulted was a tasty little panda forest of sorts!

Japanese Panda Forest Bento Lunch Box

Inside the box we have three Temarizushi (hand ball sushi), one with a toasted black sesame topping, one with a toasted white sesame seed topping and the star of the box, a steamed tenderstem broccoli topping, sometimes called broccolini.

Tenderstem broccoli is a strange one, it is a hybrid of broccoli, the only vegetable I’ve eaten that I am really not fond of and a type of Kale which seems to be forcefed down your throat from Kale smoothie health obsessives. By rights I should hate it, but damn it is delicious!
Apparently two wrongs DO make a right!

Japanese Panda Forest Bento Lunch Box CU

For added colour, a little pickled red cabbage was added to the tenderstem up front and right in the middle I added some of the crunchy stems, yum!

At the back we have some tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) that I rolled into pretty petal shapes and last but not least, some soy glazed British beef meatballs that seem to have grown some rather interesting inhabitants somehow.

Japanese Panda Forest Bento Lunch Box Panda

I don’t know….they look a bit to adorable and cheerful to be trusted around this tasty food!

Japanese Panda Forest Bento Lunch Box Finished

I knew it! Cheeky little rascals, I turn my back for one minute!
Then again…..the hubby was there too.
No, it couldn’t have been……but then again…..there were toasted sesame seeds…..and rice…..and meatballs….all welcome treats for him………waittttttt a minute! Is that a rice moustache?
It is! Get himmmmmmmm!

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