Pepper’s Meatball Toad In The Hole Recipe!

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I love a bit of classic British food like roast dinner, cottage pie, apple crumble..I could go on for a while…

One of my favourites is Toad In The Hole.

We may be close to France but in case you haven’t heard of it before, that is not a literal name of what is in this dish, eww!

Instead of any unwelcome slimy friends, we add sausages (the toad) to a Yorkshire pudding batter (the hole) which puffs up into a crispy batter-y sausage-y-fest!

Most people think of sausages in batter when they think of toad in the hole but it wasn’t always sausages that were cooked this way.
Hundreds of years ago there is evidence to suggest that instead of sausages it was leftover meats that were used or even, in one recorded recipe, pigeons!

Pepper's Meatball Toad In The Hole Recipe S

My hubby, before knowing any of this mind, had an idea for meatball toad in the hole, the crazy food fiend that he is, so I developed the recipe and it was really yummy!

The secret of course is good quality meatballs with a little fat in them, if there isn’t enough fat in the pan, at least a light covering on the bottom, add an extra drizzle of vegetable oil before you put it in the oven for heating.

If you’re using different sized meatballs, each of the ones used here are about 33g in weight, then adjust your cooking time a little.

Have fun! This recipe is quick, easy and tasty.

Pepper's Meatball Toad In The Hole Recipe SU

Pepper’s Meatball Toad In The Hole
Serves 2

12 good quality meatballs

For Batter
140g plain flour
175ml semi skimmed milk
2 free range eggs
1 teaspoon dried rosemary
1/2 teaspoon salt


Preheat the oven to 170oc.

Place the meatballs into a small roasting tray, about 30x19x4cm and cook for 5 minutes, until slightly browned.

Set the meatballs aside, leaving the oil that they expelled in the pan and turn the heat up to 200oc.

Place the pan back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

While the oil is heating, whisk the eggs and milk together, then add the dried rosemary and salt, then lastly the flour and whisk until smooth.

Leave to rest.

When time is up, remove the tray and immediately pour in the batter, you want it to sizzle on contact.

Arrange the meatballs, presentation side up into the tin, 4 rows of 3.

Place in the oven and cook for 25 – 30 minutes until golden and puffed.

Serve as slices with beef gravy and vegetables on the side.


Pepper's Meatball Toad In The Hole Recipe

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