Pepper’s Egg Noodle Spicy Chicken & Bacon Stir Fry Recipe!

Hey there boys and girls!

Today I decided for Halloween, I am going to go with the ancient British tradition of…not celebrating!

Apart from seeing the Halloween costumes, themed foods, dancing skeletons and other terrible tat crammed in with the Christmas stuff at all my local shops, you would hardly know it existed, especially in my area.

In fact, if you were sitting at the door gleefully waiting for someone to “Trick or treat” here, you would be sorely disappointed….and probably full of sweets…but the end of the night.

There isn’t even any egg tossing here, not to say I live in a high class area, but perhaps one that gets skipped if any rude little oikes did decide to paint houses with chicken embryos. Rather a creepy thought actually.

Anyway, if you would like to check out more halloween-y ideas, check out these older and more terrrrriffffyinggggg-oooOoooooo recipes!

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What will I be doing then?
Well, I find nothing more British and traditional than a good stir fry………is what I’d say if I was a liar, but in any case this week is indeed my yummmmmmy recipe for a tasty stir fry!

It contains bacon and chicken, what more could you want?

Pepper's Egg Noodle Spicy Chicken & Bacon Stir Fry

Pepper’s Egg Noodle Spicy Chicken & Bacon Stir Fry
Serves 2

1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 chicken breasts, chopped into strips
3 rashers streaky bacon, chopped into small strips
1 red chilli, cut into strips
5 tender stem broccoli pieces, stalk chopped into rounds, florets left whole
A splash of soy sauce
A knob of butter
Pot of boiling water
2 portions of dried Chinese egg noodles
2 small drizzles of pure sesame oil


With the water boiling in a large pot, place the noodles in and cook as stated on the package, about 4 minutes.
Once cooked, drain and add the knob of butter to the top to stop them drying out.

While they are cooking, heat up a large frying pan to a high heat with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Once heated so the chicken will sizzle as soon as it hits the pan, add in the chicken and start to brown it.
Once halfway brown, add in the bacon and cook that until it is almost browned all over.
Next add the red chilli and cook for a minute or so, then add the tender stem broccoli.
Add the noodles and a good splash of soy sauce and keep everything moving while everything has it’s remaining cooking time.

Once the chicken is cooked through, stir to combine and serve in shallow bowls with a drizzle of sesame oil on top of each.


Pepper's Egg Noodle Spicy Chicken & Bacon Stir Fry CU

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