SnackEasy 2 In 1 Snack & Drink Cup Review!

Afternoon boys and girls!

Today I’ve got a bit of a weird one as far as bento equipment goes.
It’s one of those items that borders on the “is it too embarrassing to take out with me in public” line.
I’m here to tell you that it is.
Only kidding, I’m sure you would have many jealous onlookers as you pull from your drinks cup, what no other man can.

It’s the SnackFast!
Is it a drink? Is it a snack? No! It’s SnackFast.
You’re welcome for the advertising campaign guys.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup Box

So here it is, it is a cup with a straw and also a storage place for food.
Not a terribly bad idea in concept for smuggling if you have the munchies and the wife has just put you on a strict diet or just for general eating/drink purposes which I’m pretty sure we all have to do sometime.

Yay, no spills, I look forward to testing that one *gets mop at the ready*

Go on then SnackFast, tell us in bullet points why you think you are so awesome.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup Features

Includes a straw with cap…..flip top….non-slip grip…all pretty standard, I like that it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe (though only on the top shelf mind) it means it’s at least somewhat good quality.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup

The mighty beast itself.
In the colours I would have chosen as well, how pretty, I’m not accepting this as a form of bribery in favour of this.

As promised, it has the silicon gripy doodah and the straw, the lid.
Where’s my straw with a cap?
It’s not in the box.
Then again, none of the pictures on the box have a cap either.
In fact I haven’t found any pictures on the internet of this where they have shown a cap.
Is it mythical or did someone steal it out of this box?
I don’t know, I’m more inclined to think it doesn’t exist at this point.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup Container

The top layer is meant for all of your snacky goodness and it’s quite a thick and well made pot, as well as being quite deep and roomy, despite the photo making it look like it’s rather shallow indeed.
One thing that isn’t made well though, is the hinge.
The lid is quite thick plastic and is fine quality, it’s a bit of an arse to seal with quite a bit of downwards pressure needed, though I am an admitted weakling weed who could probably have problems squashing a pea sometimes.

The lid came off the hinge accidentally while I was washing this and damn it if I couldn’t wrestle the thing back on at all, it had that chewed plastic sort of look inside which is never a good sign.
I did manage it in the end (I required adult supervision) but it does come off a bit easily.

The pot has a hole where the straw fits up and through it enabling you the drink access you deserve, genius I say, genius.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup Parts

The straw even has a “thingy-to-stop-it-coming-out-thingy” which is its patented name I can assure you.
It has a really cool kaleidoscope bottom prettiness, and I don’t say that about all of the cups I meet.

Sadly despite these nice touches the idea doesn’t really work and it’s for multiple reasons.

One you may have already twigged if you’re quick on the ball is putting drink into this.
The package advertises a 16 ounce drink cup and technically they’re not lying.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup Full

It’s just that you’ll never be able to use the full size because the snack pot comes down so far you can only fill the drink to the top of the non-slip grip.

Some how I think they knew about this and that is why the grip is in such a perfect place, really it’s as far as you can go with the drink filling.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup Container Cran

As for the snack pot, it can fit in a whole package, 100 grams, of tasty yoghurt covered cranberries and have room for a lot more which I cannot argue with.
So, lets seal it up and check this no spill promise.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup No Spill

Sure the rest of the cup is sealed airtight but when you have a straw……well, I think we can all realise that was an incredibly silly idea.
I should have probably made the liquid a darker colour and it’s hard to see but yes, that is a spill I’m afraid.
Maybe it would have worked with a cap but since I don’t think they actually exist, no spill is fiction.
When you think that even if you did get out of an attempted spill moisture free, IE if this did have a cap, the bottom of the snack pot would be wet and dripping when it comes time to wash up, eww!
Any amount of swaying or moving of this cup would do the same actually.
In fact, look at the picture they used for the no spill, clearly it has nothing in it but they don’t even show the straw end, which would surely be spilling everywhere if they had put liquid in.
Damn! Maybe that’s what I did wrong!
It’s no spill when it’s empty!
When it’s full it completely different, I am a fool.

Also….my snacks are wet.
Don’t even ask me how they are but I thought I better check in the interest of being thorough.
So yes, not even air tight it would seem.

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Cup No Spill My Bottom


Thank you SnackEasy, I enjoyed that.

There is one more test I had to do with this before I give it my verdict.

The cup size fits in plenty of cranberries, but the ultimate snacking test, is crisps!

Lets try a whole 25 gram bag.

Wellllllll, it mostly fits, if it wasn’t for that one rather gianormous crisp

SnackEasy 2 in 1 Snack + Drink Crisps

It’s fixed.

It fits in a bag very snuggly so bonus points there.

So, all in all, this is one of those things that could have been a good idea, it could have been portable and it could have been a good bento accessory to take to school or work but then it all went to hell in a hand-basket.

It doesn’t deliver what it advertises in multiple ways, whether you want the 16 ounce cup, the perfectly sealed claim, or no spills, it delivers none of these.
I actually hand washed this the first time, so maybe it won’t even be dishwasher safe, I can’t really believe much this box has told me I have to say.
If you want something that you can put snacks and a drink in while you’re watching a movie or having a show marathon it won’t be too bad, it would only have a small advantage over the kind of cups you get in fast food restaurants though unlike those cups, if you don’t like drinking through a straw with this…well you don’t drink at all!

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