Crisp Bread Four Dip Bento Lunch Box Meal!


Today is bento day here at PepperBento and I’ve made a snack box this time for lunch.

In each pot I have made a delightful topping for my crisp breads.

In pot number one we have some grated cheddar cheese, always delicious on any type of cracker.

Crispbread Dip Bento Lunch Box

Next we have a tuna and mayo combo which goes so well with the cheese.

Crispbread Dip Bento Lunch Box T

In pot number three I cut up some cocktail gherkins, great to scoop up or sprinkle on to the fully loaded crisp bread and adds an extra savoury flavour as well as another texture.

Crispbread Dip Bento Lunch Box CU

Last but not least I made a spicy sweetcorn purée which is a lot easier to handle than full pieces of sweetcorn and makes a real dip to get stuck in to. The spices and a touch of butter brings out the natural sweetness of the corn and makes it really tasty!

All in all it was very simple, very colourful and very tasty!

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