Farewell From Pepper Bento With Never Before Seen Photos!

Today, it is with great sadness that I announce that this will be the last post on Pepper Bento.

It has been 4 years of cooking, writing and snapping photographs that has taught me a lot.
I can hardly believe it has been 2 days a week (3 when I started) every week for all this time, 425 posts!

So much has happened and I have come so far in writing, cooking and even my photography, thanks to this blog.
Looking back I realise one person can achieve quite a lot!

A big thank you to all of my wonderful followers, especially those of you that have been with me from the beginning, it is appreciated more than you know.

I will try my best to keep the site up and running, so it will still be here for all of my past recipes you may want to peruse.

Goodbye 2015

Have a wonderful winter and a fantastic new year.

Now, just for you, here are some never before seen photographs that for one reason or another didn’t make it to the blog!


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