Who is Pepper?

I am Pepper, the writer, cook, photographer and everything else at Pepper Bento!
I’m named Pepper after my extreme adoration of Black pepper, rather apt for a food blog I’d say!
I was born in 1992 in London, the first of four daughters to be born and partly as a result didn’t have a very good childhood.
From an early age I didn’t have much schooling and was extremely lucky to make it past 14 alive so I would like to think I am proof that you can do something worthwhile, despite your upbringing!
Chocolate button cakeNot from a family steeped in tradition and recipes,
the closest that came to such a thing was a "Chocolate button cake"
 baked by my Auntie on birthdays.
You might read me referring to my hubby from time to time, I have been married for a few years now, some may say at a rather young age by today’s standards but I did grow up fast!
I created Pepper Bento for a few reasons, one is, as you might hope, that I absolutely love cooking!
Beetroot Tart Tatin  Slice CU
My mother cannot cook.
I would say “not from lack of trying” but it is, so as a child I always ate what was in front of me, though never equated it with deliciousness or good memories.
Ever since I taught myself to cook I found I absolutely loved to feed others and share the experience of dishes that can’t be sufficiently described with words, only taste.
Bangers and mashMy two main cooking inspirations are English and Japanese foods
I really love to pass on good food memories to adults and children alike through my cooking and recipes because I think they’re really important, especially at a younger age as it can really dictate your food habits later in life!
Pancakes with Raspberry & Blueberry Couli
Another reason for starting Pepper Bento is that I am fascinated with bento boxes and meals, the name sake of the blog of course!
Please see “What is Bento?” to find out exactly what I’m talking about!
Pepper Bento balances both cooking meals and bento boxes/lunch at the same time.
As a general rule, a post about Bento & all things Japanese goes out every Monday and a post about cooking, usually with a recipe, tried and tested with my own detailed instructions on exactly how to do it yourself out every Thursday!
If you’d like to keep up to date with what I post, you can subscribe, 100% spam free of course.
When I’m not cooking away or blogging I love to cross stitch, collect Transformers (particularly Soundwave figures!), watch SCFI shows, collect Anime girl figures, ice skate, watch Snooker, customise clothes and generally wear strange things, play video games (my favourites being Tetris and Republic Commando), take photographs and I have a love for Monster trucks and seeing them perform!
Probably not your average list of hobbies I’m guessing…
So, enjoy browsing the Recipes, Reviews and My Bento Lunches as well as the rest of the site!

The Pepper Bento author, cook, photographer!

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