Nude Food Movers Snack Tubes Review!

It all started in a particularly monotonous queue to pay for some food shopping, my eyes moved to the shopping of the person in front being served who had some rather interesting containers in her basket.

Naturally I was interested so I had to take a peek at the cooking equipment section before we left!

It turns out, since the summer weather has officially said goodbye and all the children have been sent back to school, a lot of surplus “back to school” goodies are being put on sale, which means it is bento hunting season!

Thankfully there were still some on the shelves, and at half price!

Nude Food Movers Snack Tubes

Nude Food Movers!

These snack tubes may look a little rude but it’s only your food they want to get naked!

Nude Food Movers Naked Orange

As you can see, their packaging is funny and playful, making them really memorable.
I mean, when is the last time you’ve seen a nude  censored orange?!

Still, it’s not all a clever slogan with these tubes, they are food safe, BPA free, microwave safe and clean up nicely in the top rack of a dishwasher!

Nude Food Movers Snack Tubes Open

They unscrew into three compartments like so, ready for you to add in your nude food!

The domed top lid means that you can fit in that little bit extra and they have been cleverly designed so each bottom is large so they aren’t easily knocked over!

They are very good quality plastic, very sturdy and screwing them together is a breeze!

All the colours are compatible with each other so you could even create a rainbow tube to take to lunch!

All in all these are fantastic and honestly, I can’t see any down points, they are even airtight!

4 thoughts on “Nude Food Movers Snack Tubes Review!

  1. Does anyone know where i can get these in the UK. I have tried the Sainsburys website and john lewis website … No luck.


  2. These look fabulous, I imagine they’re really great for dry snacks like nuts and dried fruit. Don’t think I’d want to try anything fresh in them though. Were they in Wilko? I know my local one had some of the nude food things in but I haven’t seen any on sale.


    • They really are! They would be fab for nuts and dried fruit!

      They do boast being airtight so I imagine they will do well with fresh foods too, the package even shows them loaded up with yoghurt!
      To be on the safe side, testing that boast by filling each container with water and shaking it around should give a good idea of how portable it would be.

      I got my Nude Food Tubes from Sainsbury’s though it was a large store so there might not be the same range in their smaller stores.

      Good luck on your nude food journey ^_^!


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