How To Freeze & Reheat Your Takeaway Pizza!

Hey there boys & girls!

Who doesn’t love a bit of pizza now and then?
Me actually, until a few years ago!

Now I like pizza, we have it every so often but frankly, most frozen pizzas are absolutely horrible and home made pizza takes too much effort for a lazy relaxing evening.

To the takeaway then, though I have noticed that when ordering pizza this way, the offer of more food for cheap with special offers and vouchers is often too good to resist.
In turn that encourages you to eat more or leaves you with wasted food and money!

Instead of just saying no to these offers because lets face it, we all enjoy a bargain, I brought two extra large pizzas from my local Pizza Hut in an effort to discover a way to freeze those pesky left overs and still have them tasting mighty fine when a craving hits!

Pizza Hut Pizza Freeze & Reheat

Make some room

The first thing you’ll need is enough room in your freezer for your pizza box.
The pizza I brought was absolutely huge so only just about fit into my chest freezer, buy smaller ones depending on your freezer size and shape.
The box keeps the pizza protected from ice, lets you know exactly what is in there and keeps it nice and flat so it turned out as a better freezer storage idea than other methods such as placing slices in a food storage box.

Pizza Hut Pizza Frozen Cling Film

Wrap it up

Next you’ll need some good quality cling film.
Once the pizza is completely cool wrap the whole thing in cling film to cover.
Try not to disturb it too much as it’s easier to work with as a whole.

Now you can leave your extra pizza in the freezer until you fancy it again.

Cooking it again is simple and doesn’t even require defrosting.

Pizza Hut Pizza Frozen

Reheating from frozen

Simply remove the pizza box from the freezer, unwrap your pizza and for a large pizza like this one, split it into two halves and place each half on a large baking tray.

Preheat the oven to 180oc for fan ovens or 200oc for usual ovens and place both trays near the top of the oven for 15 minutes.
If you have separated pieces of pizza it should take less time to cook so time to your discretion until it is hot all the way though.

Pizza Hut Pizza Frozen Recooked

A compromise in taste?

As for the taste, the base was lovely and crispy, better than when it was delivered in fact and the pepperoni was just right.
The cheese was also crispy which takes a little away from the moistness but not too much.
Depending on how well cooked the pizza was before it was frozen, you might want a few less or a few extra minutes.
Ours could have done with a few more minutes when it arrived so 15 minutes was perfect.

So with the same time or less that it takes to cook a horrible frozen pizza you can cook up a rather tasty one and save money and food!
I’m not trying to advertise Pizza Hut in any way but it certainly helps cut down on waste and maybe even cut down on waist!

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