Quest For The Best: Portable Cutlery – Scouting Sporknife Review!


Spring is officially in full swing and strangely enough for England, there’s a good chance of some lovely sun.

Of course it’s the perfect time for a tasty lunch in the great outdoors and what would be worse than making up a mouthwatering bento, taking it to a quiet sunny spot, then finding out you forgot your cutlery?!

A lot of boxes don’t come with their own cutlery so when I saw this portable cutlery set I had to have a more in-depth gander.
In fact I am on the stalk for the best portable cutlery set so if you’ve spied some yourself, do let me know below in the comments!

Scouting Sporknife Packaged

Today’s portable cutlery is the Sporknife by, believe it or not, The Scouts!

The Scouts have been going for over 100 years now camping out and learning survival skills, well at least that’s what I think they do, being a girl I wouldn’t know!

In their 100 years they also somehow learned business sense enough to create an entire brand of their own.

Don’t worry, it “Includes the LATEST TECHNOLOGY” just in case you’re not sure of the quality.

“Tested by Scouts perfect for all” Scouts are not mere mortals as I suspected, damn.

Scouting Sporknife

Here it is in all its unpackaged glory.
It comes with a handy clip to go on your belt loop or a bag, a bottle opener and a knife and spork, a Sporknife.

Bare in mind this was straight out of the package in the scratched condition these pictures show, I didn’t realise when it said “Tested by scouts” they meant this actual piece.

Scouting Sporknife Back

It’s reasonably well made though I wouldn’t say it’s the best it could possibly be, it is made in China after all, though designed in the UK so if anything sucks other than it breaking, it’s all our fault.

It has this little guard of sorts to stop the Sporknife going too far but it also has a nub at the bottom to stop that happening too so I’m not sure why the guard, but it’s pretty anyway!

Scouting Sporknife Badge

Don’t forget this is super sparkly official merchandise!

So let the birdie see the Sporknife!

Scouting Sporknife Open

Well, there’s definitely a spork going on and that small serrated edge seems to be the knife, a little small and disappointing but for on the go it does the job.
I like how you could give this to any age and they couldn’t really hurt themselves with it unless they were incredibly dense.

You might have been wondering what the strange line cut out of the metal is, I’m afraid it isn’t a extra secret tool or just for show but it’s even cooler, it’s a mechanism to keep the Sporknife locked open.

Scouting Sporknife Locking

This means you won’t end up spooning something up too hard and have it retreating back into it’s folded shape, instead it is like a “proper” piece of cutlery that stays solid until you decide to move the lock and the whole thing folds back easily.

The spoon is really generously sized, none of that tiny baby cutlery here, though unfortunately what is tiny and baby sized here is the fork prongs which aren’t deep enough to skewer food on to properly.
I guess this is because it locks so could fork-stab someone enough to hurt them but when I tested it food would drop off most of the time so it’s rendered useless.

Scouting Sporknife Cutting

As for the knife, it cut this tomato in half quite easily though of course since it’s on a spoon everything is cut in an arch which is a bit annoying.
Still, for usual eating it works nicely, just don’t expect to prepare a beautiful looking meal with it!

All in all the Sporknife is quite nice, it’s reasonably well made, the spoon is a great size, there’s a bottle opener, though a can opener would have been really useful for camping instead, the knife works, there is a clip so it can be taken anywhere easily and it locks so it’s good and sturdy.

It’s not without it’s negatives though as the fork is too stubby to skewer foods properly and it came scratched which I can imagine will become worse with wear as it has an easily scratch-able surface.

All in all I’d still recommend it, you can find them for about £9.99 with the Scouts branding or with minor differences under the “True Utility” banner which is a great brand for portable keyring gadgets and I’m guessing are the designers of this too!

…..but wait, don’t run out and buy one yet!
I am on the hunt for the best in portable cutlery and have not finished my quest yet so stay tuned for more!

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