Easy Line Salad Bowl Bento Box with Fork & Sauce Pot Review!

Hi there!

Today I want to show you this uber awesome bento box that I found while mooching around the shops.

If you’re a salad guy or gal, shame on you!
I mean…..you’ll love this box.

Easy Line Salad Bowl Packed

This salad bowl bento box is made by Easy Line who I can’t say I’ve heard of before but unlike a certain company who if you’ve been reading you already know by now, this looks like it was actually designed with salad in mind so kudos to you Easy Line.

Easy Line Salad Bowl

Inside the lid you get a fork and a sauce pot, I’ll get back to the sauce pot in a minute, but first….

Easy Line Salad Bowl Fork

The fork is sadly the disposable kind of quality which means it won’t last very long when in use every day but it could be possible to swap it out for actual disposable cutlery?
I’m not too sure on the sizing and most disposable cutlery is white so it might ruin the ensemble a little but it could work and it is something you’ll have to think about with this because it WILL get broken.

On the bright side it fits really snugly into the recess provided for it so huzzah!

Easy Line Salad Bowl Sauce

The sauce pot is one on my favourite things about this box and is made really nice and sturdily.
The box as a whole isn’t the best plastic in the world with a little room for improvement but the sauce pot certainly feels like the best quality part if that makes any sense.

What I like about the pot is that it has an interesting way of separating with both halves coming apart to create a great shape that would be really easy to pour from though because of this you will need to fill it up less, to save yourself a whole lot of clean up.
I also like how it has a tiny little handle of sorts which makes it really easy to lift out.
Again this fits in really snugly to it’s designated hole and you can feel pretty safe that your dressing won’t be leaking everywhere.

Easy Line Salad Bowl Shape

Last but certainly not least, the salad bowl its self!
I really love how the bowl is shaped in the perfect way to be able to toss a salad, it really shows how much thought actually went into this rather than just making a box and someone saying “Well, I suppose you could put salad in it”.

An unfortunate side effect of the great shape is that this bowl is quite big and might not be convenient for everyone to carry around with them.

Another thing going against this little beauty is that it doesn’t mention whether it is dishwasher, microwave or freezer safe which is a shame as we will have to assume it isn’t.

I paid £2.99 for this and I think it is definitely worth that price if not up to £5, if you do see it and you eat a lot of salad on the go I do think it would be ideal!

On the other hand if you love the convenience to dish-washing too much to hand wash this and need something very compact this might fall short for your needs.

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