The pig face bento with flying pig inspiration!

Heya guys, hope you all had a good weekend.

I went shopping and on my way around one of the shops I found my inspiration for a new bento!


I found these very cute shower gels in pig shapes with snouts for lids and cute little wings!

The pig bento is made in layers.

On the very bottom is a layer of coleslaw seasoned with salt and pepper.
Above that I shaped a tortilla wrap into the shape of the pig box and on top of that I layered on some German smoked ham in the pig shape.

Next I decorated it.

I used cheese for the nostrils, ears and eyes.

I used more ham for the snout, some hot sauce for the cheeks and lastly mustard mayonnaise for the mouth, inside the nostrils and the ears.

The mustard mayonnaise was controlled by my new food pens.
I did have trouble with it though as the mustard seeds in the mayonnaise blocked the small nib.

Something to keep in mind!

Have a great day and I’ll be here again with more food on Thursday!

One thought on “The pig face bento with flying pig inspiration!

  1. Had a good weekend thank Pepper 🙂
    So Cute! Rosey cheeks, love the new Food Pens by the way, how cool are those Shower Gels as well 😀


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