The Dipping Platter Bento!

Hey there boys and girls!

Hope you’re all having a great Monday!

Today I wanted to show you all my dipping platter bento!

This was so delicious that I ate it all myself!
Yes, me! Me of little appetite!

This idea would be very nice for a celebration buffet or even to display Christmas food.
Dipping PlatterMy dip of choice is cream cheese, it’s been seasoned with freshly ground pepper, rock salt and chives!

To dip I experimented by making baked carrots.

These Chantenay carrots are very small but are so sweet and flavourful, clashing very well with the taste of cream cheese.

I baked up some small potatoes to go dipping as well as adding some tomatoes and some green beans!

Dipping Platter CUVery healthy, very tasty!

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