A Food Tour of Chester!

Today I want to show you what my husband brought back from his trip to Chester.

Chester is a small but very tourist focused little place, close to the edge of Wales, with many strange independent shops in their high street specialising in anything from Milkshake to Cheese!

They also have quite a few small sweet shops from which I was lucky enough to receive some edible souvenirs!

Firstly, some fudge from Roly’s fudge pantry!

Roly's Fudge Pantry

Charming little paper bags, you can’t beat the glee of receiving a paper bag of sweeties!

Finest Ever Fudge

Was it the finest I’d ever tasted?

Well, in short, no.

Roly's Cherry Fudge

As delicious as it looks it reminded me of what I considered as a failure when I made my own fudge.

It was very sugary and grainy without the rich, smooth taste which for me is the pleasurable thing about fudge!

Roly's Traditional Fudge

The fudge that tasted similar when I made it was an economy type which didn’t contain any cream and I suspect their recipe is a similar one.

Considering that, you don’t want to know how much it cost!
You can buy it online and lets just say, you don’t get much for £10!

Still, in Tourist fashion they prepare all of their fudge in full view of their customers so it is certainly worth a look.
They are a chain so see where your nearest store is, there is even one in America!

Next the hubby was off to The Old Sweet Shop!

The Old Sweet Shop Chester

This place is a very charming small shop with jars and displays of sweets all over!

The hubby knows my flavoured chocolate love affair well enough to have picked me Strawberry Creams and Orange Flakes!

The Strawberry creams were heavenly, white chocolate on the outside gives in to a creamy strawberry burst with the base being made of milk chocolate, going just right with the strawberry flavour!

Strawberry Creams

Orange Flakes were similarly beautiful and not what I expected from the look of them!
The outside is a crisp chocolate shell, much like a Smartie, with gorgeous orange chocolate cream on the inside.

Orange Flakes

So, a giant Smartie but with the orange chocolate filling making a more delicious, creamy comeback, how can you not LOVE that?

He also made a stop at Chester’s famous cathedral where he brought these beautiful mementos, do you love the emblem as much as I do?

Chester Cathedral

Here is the lovely keyring, on the other side of the rotating disk an engraving of the cathedral itself!

St Justin Brooch

A brooch of the emblem, words can’t describe how much I love this!! My style to a T!

Of course, he had to eat while he was there and my bento’s wouldn’t last quite as long as he stayed!!

Chester Meals

He found a Japanese café there that he just had to try out!

The menu (top left) was rather limited but they only had one meal type left anyway!

He had the pork cutlet bento which had half a sushi roll as well as rice, pickles and sides! (Bottom Middle/Right)

He also brought some sushi to take away! (Top Middle, Bottom Left)

On the last day he brought himself an elegant toasted cheese steak sandwich with a side of salad and crisps along with a cup of tea! (Top Right)

All in all a very pleasant place and no need to end up at bad or chain food places for a meal or snack!

Next time I will be going too!!

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