Factory Rejects? Sainsbury’s Orange Frog Cutlery Set Review!

Hey there!

Today I’ve got a bit of an oddity for y’all.

I picked this set up in a cheapy shop but apparently, it’s made by Sainsbury’s.

Now I don’t know if these were actually sold in Sainsbury’s and these were just ones that didn’t make the grade or something…have you seen them?

Sainsbury's Frog Cutlery Set

It’s a cute little cutlery set, in the official Pepper Bento colours!
What better colour is there after all?

The frog design is pretty bizarre if you think about it.
It’s almost as if it was a human with flippers on that was painted green and was given a very goofy looking frog head.

Maybe a dethroned frog prince…

As if the design wasn’t surreal enough he has some very strange stripey clouds around him for some reason.
Modern art eh?

Sainsbury's Frog Cutlery Set Back

More evidence towards these been factory errors of some sort is the label on the bottom where they have attempted to remove the evidence of Sainsbury’s ever being involved.

Do not call their care line on 0800 636262 if there is a problem.

“Suitable for food contact”, I’m glad that wasn’t crossed out.

Strangely enough this cutlery is quite small so when it says children 0-3 can’t use them I get a little confused as I would have thought these are pretty much made for children of about three.
Apparently they can’t be trusted with such dull implements at that age any more.

Sainsbury's Frog Cutlery Set Open

Inside there is a small fork, spoon and a small pair of chopsticks.
The fork and spoon are made mostly from Stainless Steel with the handles being plastic whereas the chopsticks are fully made from plastic.

I’m sure smaller adults would be able to use these just fine and the case itself is all in all quite thin so it can be put away easily.

I do think the chopsticks are a bit random though, you would think it would be a fork, spoon and knife set but I’m guessing even the bluntest knife would have been too dangerous for little ones rather than having two pieces of plastic perfect for eye poking?

Sainsbury's Frog Cutlery Set Disassembled

The cutlery holder can be taken out of the case for easy cleaning and fits in nice and easy though this whole thing is only hand washable which is a down side if you use a dishwasher.

The case actually looks like it would make a pretty cute pencil case too.
Just thinking for when the cutlery gets lost under the fridge or gets thrown on to a lampshade or something.

So, the whole set looks fine so far, unless it’s made from plastic that will explode when it comes into contact with food I can’t understand why these seem to be rejects….

Sainsbury's Frog Cutlery Set Fork

Sainsbury's Frog Cutlery Set Chopsticks

Scrap that.

The fork and spoon are quite badly scratched on the back of each with the fork getting the worst of it, not that it really affects eating with it but I can see why you wouldn’t be happy if you brought this new and at full price.

Also the chopsticks.
Again, it wouldn’t affect eating with them but the moulding on these came out just a littttttttttttle skewed and I can understand why these might not have reached the quality standards needed.

All in all even though mine had cosmetic damage it was well worth picking up and will be quite useful in the future I imagine.

I don’t know what other damage might be present on these so if you do see these and think about picking them up, have a peer inside to check they’re not hideously deformed or something.

I will keep my eye out for these and see if some better quality versions appear in an actual Sainsbury’s store, do let me know if you see them!

You never know, they might have been completely scrapped altogether which would make these sets all the more interesting.

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