Sistema Oatmeal / Porridge To Go 850ml Review!

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Today I’m back with more bento goodness…or not-so-goodness as the case may be with today’s “Tales of interesting bentos”!

For quite a while now I have seen Sistema’s “Oatmeal/Porridge to go” on sale and I thought it was about time I bit the bullet and had a look at one myself.

One of the reasons I didn’t have a look sooner was frankly, because it didn’t look that interesting, really, another bowl with a lid.

Sistema Porridge To Go


Tis indeed a bowl!

It’s quite big at 850ml and is of course microwave, dishwasher and good-as-a-helmet safe.

The shape is quite strange, not like a usual bowl at all.
More shallow and wider I’d say.
I guess this is the scientifically proven best shape for porridge making?

Sistema Porridge To Go Vent

Just like many of these products made for microwaving, this one has a vent that can open and close.
It’s air tight when closed so nothing is getting out without a confident click in the opposite direction.

Sistema Porridge To Go Closing

The lid attaches with strong clips to pieces of plastic sticking out of the bowl.
They have to be aligned before they can be snapped into place so it can be a little fiddly but once they are in place the lid doesn’t have much of a chance to budge.

Sistema Porridge To Go Generic Microwave Leaflet

Inside there is a generic microwave booklet which is a bit worrying.
I don’t know about you but if I buy something that has a specific purpose in mind I would like to know how to do it exactly as intended via instructions.
This booklet seems to be something they put with any product that goes in the microwave which shows that not much thought has gone into this.

I guess we’ll have to follow some back of the pack instructions on microwave porridge then…

So, before I test this with porridge, here’s a thought.
How on earth is this supposed to be used?

If we were to get to our place of work, pour in some porridge, some milk then microwave in this, isn’t it pointless and a bowl would have done since you have all the resources to make it already and don’t need the portability?

Maybe you could make it beforehand then bring it with you but that wouldn’t stay warm long and wouldn’t be pleasant in a couple of hours time, plus there’s no space for a spoon.
Also, that way you could have just made it in a pan or bowl and transferred it to any air tight box.

Maybe you pour in the porridge and milk then take that around with you until you find a microwave but then you only have so long until the milk goes bad and……you end up with something a little like this….

Sistema Porridge To Go On The Go


So, while you ponder how exactly this would work on the go, I shall see how exactly it works for cooking porridge.

To the test subjects!

Sistema Porridge To Go Equal

To both of these bowls I added 4 heaped tablespoons of oats and 270ml of cold milk, just like the back of the pack porridge instructions.

Seems a fair portion for one person and with a bowl at 850ml, it should be no problem.

The microwave booklet says to put on the lid securely, open the vent and microwave.

Sistema Porridge To Go Disaster 1


Please excuse my embarrassingly dirty microwave made…just the slightest bit worse… by this MASSIVE PORRIDGE EXPLOSION!!!!!!!

There was hardly any actual porridge left inside this bowl, just a few dregs of oats.

How it managed to fail quite so efficiently is probably an achievement in itself.

Though I was still scraping porridge from between my toes I thought I’d give this a fair try and see if it works without the lid on, CLEAN UP!

Sistema Porridge To Go Disaster 2

Ridiculous as this may seem, it lost way less porridge than how the instructions stated to use this, though still failed absolutely miserably.

To make porridge in the microwave it seems you need a deep and large bowl.
The Sistema Porridge To Go is neither deep or large so fails terribly in the porridge making department, the only department it went in for.

With the generic microwave instructions included, at least with mine, I do wonder if this idea was even tested or if they just made a microwave safe bowl and thought, “I guess it would be good for porridge”.

Sure it would work to put porridge in but pretty much any bowl that doesn’t have a hole in the bottom can do that.

The idea behind it is pretty flawed and the execution is even worse.

That’s not to say the quality is bad, it’s great and it would last quite a while even with someone rough but when the design is this bad, it really doesn’t matter.

Maybe it would be okay microwaving sweetcorn or other solid foods for every day cooking but not for porridge or anything else with liquid I would say.

All in all the Sistema Oatmeal/Porridge To Go is complete pants and though the quality is good, it’s air tight and can be microwaved & dishwashed, it fails at the only job it appointed itself which is pretty unforgivable.

Now, if you excuse me I fancy some porridge now so I’m off to make the same recipe in a pan.

Pepper's Porridge In A Pan

Add a little sugar and spice and blam!
The trusty saucepan wins again.
Not so acceptable to take on a train with you though.
Some people are so sensitive.

It’s almost Pancake Day!
Try out my pancake recipes!

Pepper's Personalised Valintine's Pancakes Pile CUPancakes with Raspberry & Blueberry Couli

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7 thoughts on “Sistema Oatmeal / Porridge To Go 850ml Review!

  1. In my opinion this product is fantastic! 10\10!!!! You just have to increase the porridge to be an equal measure with the milk, microwave for two minutes on full power then take out stir, and you can eat straight out the bowl as it has a little handle. It cleans easy and makes zero mess. You can put a lot in too. I use a full 250ml cup of milk and a 250ml cup of porridge. I too started with 25% porridge, 75% milk as used in an open bowl and recreated Mount Vesuvius. Because it cooks so fast, it does not steam off the milk hence saving on milk. If you’re trying to use the big whole oats, it works, but you get a smoother porridge if you let them soak in the bowl. I leave mine overnight in the fridge ready to go. Great innovation, real shame it’s let down by poor instructions.


  2. Online I found that you are suppose to microwave it for 1 min take our stir then back in for 1 min. Says it gets hotter faster and will overflow if you you microwave it according to package direction for your oats. Have not tried it yet but there ya go. I was disappointed that it did not come with recipes for porage 😦


  3. My husband uses the sistema noodle bowl for his oats while at work. Although he doesnt actually microwave them. he pours in boiling water and then puts the top back back on, allows it to sit for few minutes to soak up the water and soften. If it has gone too cold he may nuke it for a few seconds, then he adds his honey and milk. I would think this is meant to be used in the same way?


  4. I have just bought one not used as yet have been using a glass pudding basin no trouble my wife used to have trouble with it overflowing the bowl she used perhaps a bigger bowls the answer will let you no how the microwave one works think I’ll watch it go round , so far so good , cooked fine no problem


  5. This happened to me too:( I have gone back to pans, or, you can use a porcelain bowl in the microwave in 30 second bursts for about 3 minutes, this works fine with no explosions!


    • I was starting to think I was the only one!
      It’s so strange isn’t it?
      You would think if they’d have tested it even once they would have seen the problem :/.
      Thank you for the explosion free tips!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! It’s being sold as a porridge bowl yet it explodes every time, I think that’s probably quite a significant design flaw :p Oh well! Pan-porridge has always tasted better!


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