Colours Microwave Lunch Box With Cutlery Review!

Heya, how’re you doing?

Today I’ve got a pretty little bento box to show you!

Colours Microwave Lunch Box Boxed

There it is. See ya later.

I’m just kidding.

Yep, today I’ve got this cute little number in cream though it comes in neon eye assaultage too as you may be able to guess by the “brand” Colours.

This claims to be a microwave lunch box but I actually don’t have a microwave to test it out with.
Mine packed up a few months ago and I’ve found that there isn’t really room for it and that I don’t really miss it, so bugger it.

Colours Microwave Lunch Box Open Vent

It has a vent for this purpose which opens and closes but it feels like the hinge will snap after a few uses which is a shame.
Fortunately it looks like it would still be able to tab into the hole so there wouldn’t be an exposed hole making the box useless but it would have been nice to have it made of sturdier stuff or designed better.

Colours Microwave Lunch Box Info

This box comes in at a hefty 1183ml in total which is pretty darn big, a lunch box for two or a male in Japanese Bento box terms at least.
I’d estimate a couple of small sandwiches could go in one of the two sections which are divided by a dip in the middle.

Colours Microwave Lunch Box Open

The dip doesn’t come all the way to the top unfortunately so it’s no good for keeping liquids as they’d just creep over the top gap to the other section when being transported.

It’s a shame really as the whole box has a rubber outer rim and is airtight, which sounds perfect for carrying liquids.

Colours Microwave Lunch Box Cutlery

It has cutlery built into the lid which wouldn’t come out no matter how much I shook it but they can be quite pesky to get out intentionally.
They are made of really flexible plastic so you could end up flexing the knife and fork into something more akin to comedy props if you’re not very careful.

Colours Microwave Lunch Box Info 2

I’m not sure if the cutlery is dishwasher safe as it doesn’t specify but the box itself is, though only on the top rack so it’s not uber solid good quality plastic though it feels really sturdy.

It’s also only supposed to be used to reheat food, I guess it means don’t cook food from scratch in them which might take some time and melt the plastic.

Some bento boxes say they are only safe for up to 2 minutes or so in the microwave which might be the case here too.

All in all I like the addition of the vent hole and built in cutlery but without them it would be a pretty generic Tupperware type of box.

Colours Microwave Lunch Box

Still, though it’s simple it should work a treat and has everything you’d need, apart from a spoon and airtight sections, for every day eating without much fuss.

I think this was only a couple of pounds and for that price I’d say it’s a handy addition for when you don’t want to get out a very beautiful bento box and just want an every day necessity.

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