Eating From England: A Look At The Tootsie Roll!

With Easter coming and going and tempting chocolates being wafted in your face so you just couldn’t help but inhale, I’m sure you’re absolutely sick of chocolate.

So today, I’m talking about chocolate!
Yippee, stomach torture!

Don’t worry though, I’m taking part in the stomach torture too with another look at some American confectionery.

More specifically, American chocolate, though I’m not sure it really counts as chocolate since even the package dares not call it that.

So far I’ve tried Twinkies and Butterfingers, two titans in American, both bloody terrible.

Today I’m trying for some luck with another “T”, a Tootsie Roll!

Tootsie Roll

Now, usually I give you some idea of my first impressions and the idea I get of what kind of product will be inside by looking at the package and today I’m wondering….who named these?

I’m not sure if there is some kind of language barrier here but…..Tootsie….that means foot…right?


Sure it’s a cutesy name for a foot but personally, I don’t care how cute the foot is, especially when it’s in a suspiciously rectangle shape.
Reformed foot begone!

Tootsie Roll Since 1896

Maybe Tootsie didn’t mean foot back in 1896?
Maybe it meant bum.

Lets see what percentage of this bad boy is foot meat then…..

Tootsie Roll Ingredients

Now I’m disappointed..
Not really.
Nope, no feet but a pretty depressing list of ingredients none the less.
As we’ve seen with many of these American sweets, sugar is usually the first ingredient which is no exception here.

Sugar, syrup, oil, condensed milk, cocoa, whey, emulsifiers, artificial and natural flavours.

It’s a mercifully short list of ingredients but I can’t help thinking the makers assume their product is so noteworthy that you already know exactly what it is.
Their attempt at a description could mean almost anything.
“Chewy candy bar”?

The ingredients say cocoa and the packaging is brown so it can only be guessed that it’s chocolate?
Chewy chocolate…..I’m not sure on that one.

Something else that creeps me out about this one is that it says “artificial and natural flavours” but it doesn’t specify what flavour….
It better not be foot flavour!

Tootsie Roll Open

Voilà, the mystery is over, chocolate!
Not that it was much of a mystery since I said I was looking at chocolate today…

As soon as I opened this, the smell of really really cheap chocolate hit me, the kind of chocolate that would probably be rejected for those horrible £1 Advent calenders..ewwwwwwwwwww.

It has a thin cardboard package around it to stop it getting uber squished and pulled one can only assume.
I quite like the packaging, it reminds me of sweets of olden days like Kit kats with foil.
I’m guessing the package is trying to keep it’s own olden sweet look from 1896.

Something quite gross about this is that it has a really oily film on it….as soon as you touch it you get all greasy like it’s been deep fried, I guess that’s what you get when the third ingredient is oil..

It’s really solid but has sections so you can eat a piece at a time, they won’t come off at all if you pull it straight but if you twist, tadah!

Tootsie Roll Inside

Chocolate thingy!! Yay!
I’m not sure if it’s chocolate toffee……let’s just say it’s a squishy chocolate looking substance.
I think I’m starting to understand why it was described as a chewy candy bar.

So, lets see if we can work out what the flavour actually is then!

It has no flavour at all until you start chewing, maybe because of the oily film that stops you getting to the flavour…
The flavour itself though…well…it’s definitely cheap cheap chocolate taste….and erm….I really don’t know.
The hubby said it tasted like coffee but I can’t say I could really pinpoint one flavour in particular, maybe a little orangey…and a little….chemically?

My taste buds are confused.

The oil seems to make for a very silky feel in the mouth and it’s of course quite chewy so it’s a little like toffee in that respect.

I really can’t say what the flavour is but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant.
I can’t say I’d eat one again but it was okay, if I had a choice between Butterfingers, Twinkies and a Tootsie Roll, I’d pick the Tootsie.

I’m not quiet sure how the demand for chewy chocolate like substances has kept the company lasting over 100 years but it does make me wonder if today’s product is anything like the original.

At least for the first time on “Eating from England” I slightly don’t want to have my stomach pumped. Yay!

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