Winter Warmers English Vegetable Hotpot!

Hey there guys!

Today’s winter warmer is a nice traditional affair, hotpot!


In this version no meat is used, being the poor people we are.

Still, to me it feels that nothing was lacking, to be honest I didn’t miss the meat much at all.

I reserved a little sauce from my pasta bake and used it as a base for the gravy then added mushrooms, green beans, sweetcorn, potato and peas to make a vegetable packed flavour explosion!

I added the mix, boiling away, into a tin and sliced two potatoes paper thin, strewing the pretty ovals over top.

Within 15 minutes in a hot oven this delicious and cheap little hotpot was crisp on top and ready to serve two.

Hotpot CU

An extreme pleasure to serve and eat!

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